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Feeding your Pet Nutriment

Feeding your pet the natural way not only gives your pet the best possible diet, but will also make your pet more energetic, happier and healthier. Raw feeding improves oral health making many dental problems disappear. It promotes a healthy ,shinny coat and reduces skin problems. It helps to reduce health problems such as arthritis, allergies and obesity. It strengthens the immune system and gives a leaner body mass. Also, a really BIG benefit is that their poo is less smelly and REDUCED in amount, so less to collect and dispose of!! They have a real enthusiasm for food. All this leads to reduced amount of vet visits.


BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones And Raw Food) diets are based on fresh foods. Raw meats, raw bones, raw vegetables and minerals which are designed to mimic what your cat or dog would eat in the wild. Think about it - if your dog ran off, you wouldn't find him in a wheat field, he'd be chasing rabbits, birds, squirrels etc!

When we cook food we know that it breaks down many of the good proteins and amino acids that are contained within the raw meat which in turn destroys much of their nutritional value. Therefore feeding raw eliminates any loss.

There is plenty of choice on the market for commercial foods but unfortunately many people do not realise what some of these foods contain, such as cereals, grains, fillers and soya which a pet simply shouldn't eat and which can lead to long term health issues such as itchy skin, ear problems, anal gland issues and yeast infections.

There are no fillers such as Soya or beet pulp used in Nutriment food, nor artificial flavourings or colourings and it is only made with meat from human grade sources, this ensures your pet only gets the best, freshest, most natural food, something Nutriment pride themselves for. All the products are free from grain or cereal which is a cause of yeast infections which many dogs suffer with due to the high quantity of these used in many other commercial foods available.

Benefits of Nutriment feeding

Feeding nutriment is also very clean and convenient. Take it out of the freezer one tub or chubb at a time, depending on how many dogs or cats you are feeding. You dont need to mix it or stir it, just take what you need and serve it.
You will probably be surprised at how small the amount looks compared to the previous food you've been used to feeding. This is because of the lack of fillers, which may have been up to 70% in the other food. This then results in smaller amounts coming out of the other end! You will also notice, almost immediately that the stools are easier to pick up and a lot less smelly. Left uncollected they just seem to disperse into the ground which is so much better when you have youngsters running around the lawn.

Feeding your dog this 'enhanced' diet can help or alleviate:-

feeding-nutrimentAllergies (particularly those associated with cereal and grains)
Tooth and Gum Disease
Yeast/fungal infections
Cushing's disease
Addison's disease
Bloat and Torsions
Behavoural Issues
Bad Breath
Itchy skin
Dull or scurfy coats
and Anal gland problems

Defrosting before feeding

When defrosting overnight leave it in a cool place, not warm.
If you forget to defrost your pets meal and it's still partially frozen at feeding time, you can add some warm water from the kettle and allow it to sit for 5 minutes.
If needed you can defrost on the 'defrost' setting on the microwave but never allow the food to cook.

Feeding (Rule of Thumb)

Each pet is different when it comes to working out what amount to feed on a daily basis. Every animal has its own metabolism rate and nutritional requirements depending on lifestyle and you, as the owner, know your pet better than anyone, so there are no hard and fast rules and so should be tailored to his or her's needs.

For an adult dog the recommended raw amount is approx 2-3% of the animals ideal body weight which is given over two meals per day.
Puppies should be fed to appetite from around 4-6 weeks (after a short period on Nutriment's Weaning Paste) until around 3-4 months of age, when you should be feeding 5-6% of the animal's ideal body weight for their age, spread over four meals per day.

Once they reach 6 months of age you can reduce the amount of meals down to 2 a day.
As they start to reach a mature age the amount can drop to 2-3%, but as each dog is different keep an eye on their weight and increase or decrease the size of each portion as you see appropriate.

A simple method of calculating 2% is to take the animal's ideal weight (for example, 20kg), add a zero to this figure (= 200) and feed this amount in grams per meal.

Feeding Calculations

Nutriment Cornwall2% OF ADULT WEIGHT
10KG = 200g of food per day
15KG = 300g of food per day
20KG = 400g of food per day
25KG = 500g of food per day
30KG = 600g of food per day
40kg = 800g of food per day
50kg = 1000g of food per day

10KG = 300g of food per day
15KG = 450g of food per day
20KG = 600g of food per day
25KG = 720g of food per day
30KG = 900g of food per day
40kg = 1200g of food per day
50kg = 1500g of food per day

Understanding the Ingredients

Why Nutriment mix their proteins.

Nutriment use several sources of proteins from fresh meats, seeds and plants. This gives a wider range of amino acids and nutrients. Having too much of any single protein is not a good thing and risks developing allergies over time.
You may find this a bit hard to believe but pets need variety in their diets, just like we do. If your pets been eating the same food for months on end, or even years, there's a good chance it's got an allergy to it or getting one. Because the protein structure in raw meat is different from what's in cooked or processed dog food your dog may well be fine fed a raw diet.

British Chicken with Bone

Norfolk and Suffolk breed the chickens used. All raised in an enriched environment, meaning, they walk around on chopped straw or wood shaving with straw bales scattered around so to encourage natural behaviour patterns. From one day old they're fed on a formulated balanced diet, primarily made up of cereals grown on lacal farms. Their diet is enhanced with salmon oil (high in Omega 3). Chickens are only used once they're dressed for the market which means they contain a high meat content to bone ratio.

British Turkey with Bone.

The turkeys are bought from a family owned business in Hertfordshire which has bred and reared turkeys for over 50 years to the highest of British standards. There is a good source of Niacin, Bitamin B6 and Phosphorus and also Protein and Selenium in turkeys. If you find your dog is allergic to chicken it may well be absolutely fine on turkey.

Scottish farmed Atlantic Salmon

Dogs find it easy to digest and absorb the protein from Salmon, it supplies a good source of amino acids and vital nutrients. One of the main health benefits is Omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamins A, B and D, minerals, calcium, iron, phosphous and selenium are all found in salmon. No heads, tails, fins or guts are used, just the fresh, quality parts.

British Green Beef Tripe

Tripe is the stomach of a cow. The cow has 4 stomach chambers and each one serves a process. Grass/hay is eaten, swallowed, regurgitated, chewed and mixed with saliva, swallowed again and moved along to be broken down further by gastric juices, amino acids and other digestive enzymes. This not only helps the cow digest it but can also aid a dogs digestive system. The amino acids are necessary for muscular development and the other gastric juices assist in keeping teeth clean. Green tripe also contains Lactic Acid Bacteria which is the main ingredient in probiotics. It's also low in phosphorus which is ideal if your dog suffers with a liver or kidney problem.

British Beef Kidney

Kidney is part of the offal in our foods and is a good source of Vitamin A, Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, Iron, Phosphorus, Copper and Selenium, also a good source of protein, Vitamin C and Zinc.

Nutriment also use British Beef Liver, Heart liver, fresh carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, curly green kale, scottish cold water salmon oil, organic coconut oil, raw sea kelp powder, chicory root powder, bilberry powder, spirulina powder, wheat grass juice powder, barley grass juice powder, milled flaxseed, milled sunflower, sesame seeds and last, but not least is wheat germ oil which naturally has vitamin E in its liquid which acts like an anti-oxidant to mop up free radicals and to maintain the skin, coat and nervous system and keep them all in good health. All the above provide their own vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, manganese etc.

With all the above ingredients going into Nutriment food I hope you now have a better understanding of why this is such a good choice to feed your dog or cat. If you would like to discuss further or try one of the starter packs please contact me.

I am a supplier of Nutriment Raw Frozen Dog and Cat Food in Cornwall. I am based near Redruth and offer a delivery service for a small charge from £3.50 with no minimum order. I cover delivery to all areas of Cornwall including Truro, Redruth, Camborne, St Agnes, St Austell and more.

Enjoy the convenience of having your pet’s food delivered to your door or you can collect from me if that is more suitable for you.

Alongside the vast range of nutriment available I can also deliver all your treats, bones and accessories at a time to suit you or I can leave it somewhere suitable ready for your return home.

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Recommend a friend or neighbour to Nutriment and as soon as they place their 1st order and have it delivered you will receive £5 off your next order (delivery only orders).

If you are deciding to change over to Nutriment buy would like to try some first before committing, contact me to arrange a starter pack, this can be for an adult dog, cat or your new puppy.

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